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We will try our best to accommodate requests, but we cannot guarantee specific tables. We open for dinner at 5pm, so early reservations have a better chance of snagging a window table!

The Bistro-Level Dining Room has several high-top tables which are not available for online reservations. If you cannot get a time-slot you like using the online reservation system and would like a high-top, please call 508.487.1500 and mention that you would like a high-top.

Dinner Hours:

Bistro Level Dining Room

Our Bistro, often called The Cafe or Upstairs Dining Room, is a lively room with a relaxed vibe.

  • Open for dinner every night from 5:00PM

Beach Level Dining Room

Yes, it really is on the same level as the beach. This dining room is quieter and (some say) more romantic!

  • Open weekends and holidays for dinner from 5:00PM